How to hide your smart home speaker

How to hide a smart home speaker? If you are like us, you probably have several smart home speakers throughout your house. We are a Google Home/Nest household, but the Amazon Echo products (and others) are essentially the same thing. None of them are particularly attractive and the larger ones are difficult to hide. 

Our Google Home speaker on a living room shelf

I’ve seen a few posts with ideas on how to hide these speakers, but wanted to share what we did to hide one of our Google Home speakers. In our 100-year-old home, we like to use vintage and antique items in our decorating. In line with this, Brian came up with the idea to use a vintage wooden radio to hide the google speaker. So, we searched several antique shops and estate sales (read about my tips for estate sales here) before finding one we really liked.

The antique radio with the internal parts removed
The antique radio with the internal parts removed

Once we found the radio, the rest of the project was extremely straightforward. The radio we found no longer worked, so we didn’t feel too bad about pulling out the insides. It only took about five minutes to remove a few screws and separate the internal parts of the radio from the wooden box. We glued the dial and knobs into place and set the Google Home speaker right into the empty box. In addition to hiding the speaker itself, the radio box also hides the electrical outlet behind it which is an added bonus. 

Shelf with hidden Google Home speaker
Shelf with hidden Google Home speaker

The radio was missing a knob on the bottom so we will keep our eyes out for a suitable replacement. Also of note, the old radio box does slightly distort the sound of the speaker, so if you are playing music, it sounds a bit muffled like it is playing out of an old radio. Given the age of our home, we think it is fun and period appropriate. Additionally, it makes it seem like the radio is actually working.

What do you think about this project? What other ideas have you used to hide your smart home speakers?

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