What to wear when visiting Walt Disney World

A vacation to Walt Disney World involves excessive amounts of walking. We usually average between 11-13 miles per day (and this is fairly typical). With that in mind, comfort should be the most important consideration when choosing what to pack for your vacation. 

In addition to comfort, imagine for a moment the number of photos that will be taken on this vacation. This is especially true if you have decided to spend $169 on the Memory Maker package (which I highly recommend) so that you can have photos with the entire family. So, in addition to being comfortable, you want to feel cute and sport your Disney pride. 

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this over the years and gradually my collection of Disney-themed apparel items has grown. As part of planning for your trip, you might consider purchasing some Disney apparel. Below I have compiled a list of my favorite items to wear when visiting Walt Disney World:

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Mickey necklace and earrings

Mickey necklace from Macy's
Mickey necklace from Macy’s

A simple Mickey Mouse necklace adds a bit of Disney flair to any outfit. I have a classic sterling silver Mickey silhouette necklace with matching earrings set that I like to wear when visiting the parks. They are lightweight and go with anything. Mine are from Macy’s, but Amazon has some really nice options as well. I love this 14K gold Mickey necklace.


Dooney & Bourke Magic Band
Dooney & Bourke Magic Band

You might not think about this, but your MagicBand will be in almost every single photo. On my first trip wearing a magic band, I wore a standard bright blue magic band. After noticing the magic band in every photo, I realized it was time to upgrade. I splurged for the Dooney and Burke ‘Walk in the Park’ band that is no longer available (see above). 

Even though that band is no longer in stock, there are several really nice options available online. The solid color bands now come in extended colors. I think the white and navy blue options are versatile and classy. There are also several really cute themed bands. My current favorites are the Disney x Jerrod Maruyama and Mickey Mouse Park Life MagicBands. Please note that the themed bands don’t tend to stick around too long, so if these are no longer available, you can browse the shopdisney.com website to view the current selection.

Coordinating outfits

Coordinating Hawaiian shirts and dresses from shopdisney.com
Coordinating Hawaiian shirts and dresses from shopdisney.com

Everywhere you look in Disney World you will see a family or group with coordinating shirts. You can make them yourself or find someone on Etsy to make custom shirts for you. Some of my favorites include these classic personalized mickey silhouette tees, these Animal Kingdom-appropriate shirts, and these Mandalorian-inspired shirts.

On a girls trip a few years ago, we used the Shop Disney personalization shop to design and customize Cinderella-themed shirts. I thought they were adorable.

Brian, however, isn’t really a fan of the coordinating outfits. The one thing he did say he would consider is coordinating Hawaiian shirts. I’m not even sure where he got the idea because I had never seen Disney-themed Hawaiian shirts. It turns out that they exist. And I love them. 

Button-up shirts

Disney button-up shirt from Amazon
Disney button-up shirt from Amazon

A lot of Disney-themed apparel comes in the form of t-shirts. Brian and I don’t wear too many t-shirts as they are often cut too slim for me or too short on my extremely tall husband. Instead, Brian wears a lot of button-up shirts. Unfortunately, the one we purchased (above) is no longer available, but the Disney store has a few options available. I really like this Mandalorian-inspired shirt, this Disney snacks shirt, and this Pluto plaid flannel shirt.

Cute tops that aren’t t-shirts

Cinderella tank top from shopdisney.com
Cinderella tank top from shopdisney.com

It isn’t always easy to find cute Disney tops for women that aren’t t-shirts (especially in extended sizes). On the Shop Disney website, I like this classic Mickey lounge tank top, this Cinderella tank top, and this purple spirit jersey. There are a few options at other retailers as well including Amazon, Hot Topic, Torrid, and Macy’s. Some of my favorites right now include this Storm Trooper tank, this Tangled button-up tank (which also comes in plus sizes), this Lilo & Stitch kimono (which also comes in plus sizes), and this Mickey & Minnie Henley Raglan Top (I wore this on my most recent trip and a ton of compliments).

Custom made pieces

Ariel fabric from Joanns
Ariel fabric from Joanns

As we plan for our next trip to Disney, I will probably pick up some of the items above. I may also make some pieces myself. It turns out that Joann Fabrics has an impressive collection of licensed fabrics including Disney, Star Wars, and Avengers fabrics. I am excited to try to make some fun tops and accessories. I’ll let you know how it goes.

If you are looking for more Disney-related posts, make sure to check out my post on Disney World planning tips and on tips for visiting Disney World.

What are your favorite items to wear when visiting a Disney Park? Have you ever made anything especially to wear on your trip?

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